Common Ringneck

The base of our flock, the ringneck pheasant originated in China and is now spread all over the world. The ringneck is prized by sportsman around the world for its explosive flying ability and excellent meat. It's color pattern allows you to literally walk over one and never know it was there.

Melanistic Mutant

We get many questions about this mutation, and this is the answer. It's a mutation of the common ringneck, not a species or subspecies. There is some confusion about when and where the mutation actually appeared. Lord Rothschild stated it had been around Norfolk, England since 1880. Others say the mutation originated in Japan, was introduced into Europe, crossbread with ringneck stock there and selected for intensity. They breed true to themselves, meaning, if you were to cross a ringneck and a mutant, half of the offspring would be blue...the rest would resemble a ringneck. If allowed to breed with ringnecks unapposed, the gene would revert back to ringneck form. In my own opinion...whenever and wherever they originated, they are a personal favorite of mine to hunt. They are large, hardy, and prolific.

Green Melanistic Mutant

These birds are the result of crossing a ringneck and Japanese Green or Versicolor. This results in some very beautiful color patterns. Good flyers and good looking birds. They will make you miss.

Red Chuckar Partridge

These are fast flying birds that produce great meat. You can find them in many western states. They are also perfect for puppy training.