CN's Corn Cuddlin' Moose

Moose was born Christmas day 07'. He has been the easiest dog to train. He points, backs, and has a really unique "sneaky" style when he picks up scent. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head as he tracks the birds down. Moose is also an excellent retriever. So excellent in fact that every morning I clear the front lawn of "retreived" items he thinks we need. He is usually the first dog to a downed bird.

CN's Maddy May

Maddy was born in January of 06'. She is lightning fast and very athletic. Her hunting switch is always on. She covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. If your legs start to get a little tired, you can stand on a hill and let her cover ground for you. When she does find a bird, she will hold point until you get there. Always a "lady" she daintly takes treats from your hand and sidesteps mud puddles.

CN's Tucker Vom Hesser

Tucker was born in June of 2009. We are expecting big things from him in the future. This little squirt is about the cutest thing on four legs. I'm a big fan of black/white GSP's and he has some very striking markings. He is by far the most talented dog of the bunch. Fast as lightning and a very refined point.