Pheasant hunting on our farm takes place from September 1st to March 31st. The farm is a mix of wooded dry creek, agricultural ground, milo strips and pheasant grasses. These birds are not your average pen raised chicken. We stimulate these birds to fly and "escape" year round. Hate to say it, but you WILL miss and also have fun doing so! There is plenty of good natured ribbing when one of those prized blue pheasants get away.

The idea behind our hunt packages is to get as many hunters out to enjoy the day as possible. You will be paying by the "released bird" NOT "by the gun" which allows for more birds for your hunting party. You get to choose how action packed your hunt will be by selecting the amount of birds that will be in the field.

If you do not have any furry four legged hunting partners to bring with you, we can provide them for a small fee.

A hot home cooked lunch is also available for a small fee.


$15.00 per released pheasant

$13.00 per released chuckar

Lunch is $10.00 per person

Guide and Dog fee is $75.00

Cleaning & Packaging Birds - $2 per bird

* All prices are subject to change as year progresses.